Wednesday, October 15, 2008

These photos are of an old frame on display in the two-room museum I visited in Ittoqortormitt, East Greenland. Summer 2008

A modern day re-creation, below.

Looking aft, below...notice the deck is nearly flat, making rolling easier. Inuit boats such as these were designed to roll.
I have no trouble rolling one of these. But transferring it to my Swede design medium chine hulled boat hasn't worked for me yet.

Looking forward:
Flaying the seal skin.
This woman's wearing traditional seal skin boots for everyday use. Women generally skinned the seal, treated it then stitched the outer covering of the qayaqs while men built the frames. Women did not paddle kayaks.

The seal skin on display at the Ittoqortormitt Museum. This woman talked about her father, husband and brothers hunting seal in their boats. She was proud to show me this skin and describe how she and the other women cured them and prepared them for use making the qayaqs.
The seal skin is attached while still wet from the curing brine and left to dry once stitched into place.

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